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Alien Activity Discovered in Corporate America!!!

I recently went star gazing at the Naylor Observatory where I got the chance to look through amazing telescopes guided by amateur astronomy enthusiasts. Three planets were visible to the naked eye but I wanted to see the deep space stuff like galaxies beyond the Milky Way, renegade comets, and swirling nebulae.

One of the gentlemen obliged and showed me a cluster. Clusters are groups of stars and can be distinguished into two types:  Globular and Open.  Globular Clusters are tight groups of hundreds of thousands of very old stars which are gravitationally bound. Open clusters are more loosely clustered group of stars, generally contain less than a few hundred members, and are often very young.

My mind immediately began thinking about some of the clusters I’ve professionally been a part of. I’ve worked for some globular clusters, known in the professional universe as bureaucracies. I think I even had a couple of “globs” for bosses, now that you mention it.  I also worked for several Open Clusters, known as private or start-up companies where creativity swirled and created flashes of brilliance. It was the birthplace for new ideas that sometimes collapsed in on themselves in their infancy unable to sustain their growth.

He also showed me a dying star and the beginnings of a black hole. And yes, I worked for them too barely escaping to tell the tale! So destructive are their powers that no innovative idea, raw talent, or good deed can escape. In fact, once you’ve gotten too entrenched and close to the vortex, you cannot escape and are pulverized and spit out into God knows where.

Maybe I read The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy one too many times, but never in my wildest dreams did I realize how much my professional journeys mirrored a parallel universe. I guess that’s why we have the universal laws in business and life, because they reflect the workings of the universe. So welcome fellow space travelers. As Rabindranath Tagore so beautifully wrote, “The traveler has to knock at every alien door to come to his own, and he has to wander through all the outer worlds to reach the innermost shrine at the end.” Good, because I always really wanted to be an astronaut!



is your career lost in the bermuda triangle?

Do you find yourself lost, adrift or even facing a mutiny at work? Do you fear your bosses are about ready to make you walk the plank and feed you to the sharks?  Did you begin your voyage sure of your destination only to find out something strange, perhaps even alien, has completely thrown you towards a cursed course? Never fear mate, it’s happened to me several times and you can navigate out of it.

Every employee, unless they are self-employed, finds themselves in a triangle comprised of employee needs, customer demands, and corporate or shareholder expectations. Successfully navigating this triangle is a juggling act even for the most seasoned sailor. And although these three things should be in perfect harmony to optimize smooth sailing towards performance and profits, many times they are not.

 You can see this disaster looming on the horizon and steer clear before you embark on your professional voyage. Red skies in the morning, sailors take warning. Before you accept the helm in a new organization, consider this: Why wasn’t there someone already onboard ready to be promoted? This should serve as a huge warning shot across the bow.

 I was flattered to be the one brought in from the outside who could trim the sails and get everyone rowing together, but the fact was I was about to be fed to the sharks.  Unless the entire organization from the very top down is being revamped, don’t let your ego sail towards this mirage. You will be saddled with swabbing up the current regime’s mess while they are still onboard. And eventually you’ll swab the toes of the sailors who enabled it and, in some cases, condoned it.

 It’s intoxicating to take on the challenge of running a ship, but sooner or later there will be a time when you’ll be viewed as a threat. After all, if the powers that be couldn’t or wouldn’t do it and you do, that doesn’t bode well for them, at least in their stormy minds. If the existing leadership was really doing their job, they wouldn’t need someone from the outside to come in and do their housecleaning. Keeping the personnel pipeline brimming with new and productive talent while grooming the existing crew to take over the helm is what they are paid to do.

 But, my fellow seafarers, I’ve sailed in and out of these waters many times and lived to tell the tale. In fact, they are some of the salty sea scars I’m most proud of. Just be advised that the end result will always be the same. You come in, you enforce the standards, you take care of the people by flushing out the negative and counterproductive, you make the customer a raving fan, and all of a sudden you’re lost in the fog and unable to get clear communication from the admiral.

After my fourth trip to the triangle, I remember calling my father and asking him why this kept happening. He said, “You can work for yourself or you can work for someone. As long as you are working for someone, this will always happen.” Argh, truer words were never spoken. So if you find yourself without a corporate lifeline, a loss of compass directions from the client, or the rats taking over the ship, don’t walk the plank. You’ve taken this rickety vessel as far as she will go so bring yourself back to safe harbor and get ready to sail a strong, sturdy ship with your own name on the bow. Aye aye, captain!!

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