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you are the moonshine of my life

Why does the Sun get all the favorable press? We turn our faces to the Sun, bask in its glory, and let our skins turn different shades to honor its far reaching, transformative powers. Let the Sun Shine In, You Are the Sunshine of My Life, Walking on Sunshine. Many times we feel we have to be the center of the solar system in order to have an impact on someone or something; but let’s not forget that we can have an equally powerfully, yet much more subtle impact as well.

The effects of the Moon are seen in the rhythmic and periodic rising and falling of the tides. While it may not move physical masses of land, its effects are clearly seen in the fluidity of water.  So while we may not feel that we are having an impact on moving an organization or person towards a particular goal, never forget the influence you can have by providing subtle pulls at the more fluid aspects of change, attitudes and perceptions.

Never underestimate the power of your influence in shaping another’s life. Just because you may not hold a prominent position in their universe doesn’t mean that you can’t have as important of an impact. And when you feel that you are not having a visible impact, never forget that your words and actions can have a strong influence on their emotions and ideas. When leaders name their heroes or mentors, the seasoned ones have a very long list. That’s because they know from experience that some played a more visible role, while others had a more subtle one. Some may have given them the opportunity of a lifetime, but others may have said one word at the right time that changed the course of their history. All are equally important in helping that person become who they are today.

Never underestimate the power you can have on an individual’s or organization’s existence. Whether you are in the spotlight, or subtly orbiting around the perimeter with more hidden influences, it’s all good.

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