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Alone at Christmas? You’re Never Alone!

Stars_wallpapers_189My most powerful Christmas happened in 1990, when I was in a faraway land deployed as part of Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm. It was several weeks before the first Gulf War kicked off, and as a young Air Force Officer I was not sure how long we’d be there and if—or when–we’d return home.

But that Christmas in Tent City, far away from my family and my surroundings, in the cold, barren landscape not far from the physical birthplace of the Christ child, I experienced Christmas in a whole new way; with solitude, quiet reverence, and a singular introspection. I was alone with the birth of Christ in a way I had never been before.

It’s so common in today’s society to pity those who are physically alone or are separated from their families on Christmas. But after that experience in December 1990, I pity those who’ve never experienced the sanctity of celebrating Christmas alone. I got to have a private and deeply personal birthday party with Jesus.

We all lament that the holidays are too overwrought with consumerism and we dread the inevitable dysfunctional get-togethers. Yet we also cry over how hard it must be for people who can’t buy presents, which have no meaning in Christmas. And God forbid someone is alone and without family when the fact is our heavenly father resides right in our hearts.

As an extrovert from a large family, who was once even married, I got the whole family vibe and the excited wonderment in children’s eyes as they tear into their gifts, and I relished it for many years. But all of those earthly bonds I once had eventually faded over time due to death, disagreements, and even divorce.

It is my hope that those of us who find ourselves out of the holiday “norm” can relish the fact that we have everything within ourselves to have our own individual Christmas miracle. The quieter you are the more you can hear. So this Christmas, get yourself alone.

Take time to quietly contemplate how the creator of the universe took the form of man and was born a child laid in a lowly manger. Worship and adoration of the King is a vertical experience, not a horizontal one. So keep your eyes up and your heart filled with praise because with Christ, we are never alone!


Honk If You Love Jesus!

Life's just ducky for Lucky and Clucky!

Life’s just ducky for Lucky and Clucky!

Shortly after Easter weekend, I found two abandoned ducklings at the lake outside my house. I brought them into my spare bathroom for the night, took them to the vet the next morning, and was told if I could raise them in a safe environment until their wings came in, they’d stand a great chance of survival. The next day the ducklings were set up in our warehouse complete with water-filled kitty litter boxes for swimming and plenty of meal worms to dine on. We watched as they lost their down and their feathers came in. We even listened as they went from constant peeps, to chirps, quacks, and honks. We named them Lucky and Clucky.

During this time, I did a great deal of research on raising fowl. I came across the term “imprinting”. It has been referred to as one of the strongest forces in nature. In other words, I was their momma. Their upbringing was filled with safety, positive interaction, and plenty of good food! Fast forward two months to the day I knew would come: it was time to release my ducks, now fully grown, into nature.

I released them in an area a short distance away from the main lake complete with its own little island and tranquil spring. They literally took to it like ducks to water. I returned daily to feed them their top-quality diet to ensure they continued to develop fully. Each day I called them and they came waddling. If they heard me call them and didn’t see me, they would quack at the top of their lungs letting me know that they were on the way! They ate out of my hand and even let me pet them. Once feeding was done they happily waddled back into the water where they splashed around and played.

With all the time I spent on the lake, I watched the interaction of the numerous other birds. There were hundreds of geese, ducks, hybrids, and even a swan who tried his best to intimidate me! Could my little duo make it with the others? Some of the nasty behavior I witnessed made me wonder. But I knew I had done everything I could and, as the saying goes, “Let Go, Let God.”

It’s been two months since Lucky and Clucky resumed life on the lake. Every evening we meet at the same location where I feed them and spend time with them. Although they have had some hairy interactions and threats in their lives, they have adapted very well. The other ducks seem to sense that there is something special about them. I’m not sure if it’s because they can smell the fact that I’ve put my hand on them, or if it’s in the way they carry themselves. But it is very obvious that these ducks move about the lake in a very distinct and unusual way.

Those of you who know me know how I draw life lessons from animals. In fact, I consider God’s creatures to be some of His greatest teachers. After all, they were created to share the Garden of Eden with us. As I watched Lucky and Clucky, I was reminded of several great life lessons. When we are “imprinted” by positivity in our lives, it affects everything we do. We need not fear trial and adversity because we have a higher purpose in our lives. My literal touch has designated them as special and protected, much like the spiritual hand of God on His children.

So as you swim through the lake of life, fully embrace that you are different, you are chosen, you are protected. Allow the imprinting of the Holy Spirit to fully show through in everything you do so that others will look at you and say, “There’s something different about that one.”  And never forget that life’s just ducky and to honk if you love Jesus!


my most blessed christmas ever by charlie “tremendous” jones

Baby James and Little CharlesI was nine years old and the depression was still in full force. We came from Alabama and settled in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania in a little row home, which my father managed to rent. It was getting near Christmas and my dear dad had nothing to spend for Christmas for his five children ages 1 to 9. In desperation, he went to the bank to try to persuade them that he was a safe risk for a small loan. He explained his predicament, no job, no collateral, and 5 small children with Christmas approaching.

As he should have known, the banker would have to decline his request, but he had an alternative offer for my dad to consider. He explained that if dad could postpone celebrating Christmas a day or two, the children wouldn’t know it and everything would be reduced in the stores. Then he would only need half the amount he was requesting. He said if this was agreeable, he would approve the loan for a smaller amount.

Of course my dad gratefully accepted his offer. That Christmas eve, after we were all in bed, the downstairs front door sprung open. There was a lot of noise and my father rushed down the stairs to see what was happening. I followed a few minutes later and saw him sitting on that bottom step with his head in his hands. I couldn’t understand why he was weeping.

When I reached the bottom step, I could see no one in the hallway, but the hall was lined with boxes. There were boxes of food, clothing, and candy. There was a riding fire engine and a four-foot folding white paneled dollhouse. We didn’t belong to a church and the friends we had were as poor as we were. My dad returned to the bank to repay the loan. The banker surprised my dad by telling him that there was no record of this loan.

I only understood that Christmas experience years later when Jesus became my Lord and Savior. How blessed some of us are to see God’s love working in and through His children. John 3:16 is where this love story begins and those unknown servants were practicing I John 3:16. “Hereby perceive we the love of God, how He laid down His life for us: so that we ought to lay down our lives for others.”

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