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TremendoCare: Health care for your head

Recent studies claim that one in four Americans suffers from depression.  Don’t let your body catch a disease of the mind! It’s a well-known fact that as a man thinketh, so he is. If you are addicted to complacency and suffer from delusions of non-accountability, we have the inoculation, vaccination and preventive care that you can’t afford to be without!

Read! Read life-transforming books as if your life depends on it, because it literally does. There are multitudes of example where a positive mindset conquered all, even physical and mental illness.

Coverage is ten dollars per person per month. You can never lose coverage and we encourage, even specialize, in pre-existing conditions!! We even have a cure for cancerous attitudes, thumbsuckitis, and failure-phobia.

Forget marijuana, let’s legalize LSD: Leadership, Service and Dedication! Take a trip you’ll never forget! Users experience bouts of euphoria, a rapid succession of epiphanies, and a chronic need to make the world a better place. Negative side effects include possible paper cuts as a result of rapid page turning.

We are pro-life—a tremendous one; AND pro-choice—wise ones.  Parental consent not required. They’ve been waiting for you to enroll your entire life!

This will not raise your taxes; however, it will most likely put you in a higher tax bracket. One-hundred-percent guarantee that in five years you will be a completely different person or your money back!

A book a day keeps the doctor away. The Bookmaster General recommends spending a minimum of 15 minutes a day reading material that will induce prolonged periods of thought to stave off hardening of the heart and moral decay.

Contact us to enroll in TremendoCare today!


is your brain diabetic?

You are what you eat, but did you also know you are what you read? The mind and spirit, just like the body, operates on the principle “trash in, trash out.”

Read a bunch of vampire books to experience a Draculicious hunk with pale skin. Read fantasy and fiction so you can escape. Aldo Nova was wrong, life isn’t just a fantasy. It’s one triumphant pageant of pain and ecstasy.

I’m not saying never have a sugar cookie, just keep your diet balanced. Too much sugar will rot your teeth as well as your brain and throw you into an intellectual coma. Things will be foggy and fuzzy and you won’t quite feel like 100 percent.

If you look at what a diabetic should eat, it’ll be full of nutrients and sustenance designed to complement the human condition. There are many tremendous books out there that possess just such powers.

It’s simple. If you need to be physically fit and healthy, eat good food. It you need to be mentally fit and healthy, read good books. If you need a positive mental attitude, hang with positive thinkers. Junk food, trashy novels, reality TV shows, and negative people can put your body, mind and soul into a coma and are to be avoided in large quantities.

This public service announcement has been brought to you by Tremendous Life Books, a meat and potatoes publishing company. Our consultants are ready to analyze your library and put you on a healthy reading regimen. Contact us today and we’ll get you started on a personalized healthy reading program guaranteed to make your mental muscles bulge!

Tremendous Tracey

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