Starting Clean in 2014

ColonscopyColonoscopies are tremendous. That’s right, you heard it from me. After achieving a milestone birthday this year, I promptly scheduled a procedure that showed I had finally arrived in the second-half-century club. What a happy coincidence that my procedure was scheduled for the second-to-last day of the year; a fitting metaphor to say the least.

Toxins are just as lethal in your heart and mind as they are in your body. No matter how hard you try, life includes the build-up of contamination; it’s just a fact. You get discouraged, people say mean things to you, and you get hurt. But sometimes you must make a conscious decision to cleanse yourself.

Joyce Meyer has a great quip: “Complain and Remain.” So take this ctjwisdomthumbsuckeropportunity at the start of a New Year to wash out all the crap, and work each day to ensure it stays away. There’s more to foul language than four-letter words. Any kind of negativity or whining is toxic to both the transmitter and the receiver.  The good news is that you can flush your mind daily by filling it with positive people and tremendous reading material. Ignore negativity, gossip, and good old-fashioned bitching and see how quiet and peaceful your life will become.

Your body is a temple, not a dump. Treat it that way and remember to Flush It in ‘14!!

2 Responses to “Starting Clean in 2014”

  1. January 10, 2014 at 9:14 pm

    Wow! I’ve never seen a colonoscopy used as a stepping off point for a pep talk!! Another first for this incredible blog!! : )

    You’re absolutely right, amigo– the very worst toxins are the ones we speak and let seep into our petty little minds. Thanks for the heads-up, Tracy– Happy New Year to one of the best influences in the universe, and that’s for doggone sure!! : )

    • January 11, 2014 at 5:22 pm

      Well, everyone was so serious in the waiting room I thought, “I need to turn this into something positive!” Happy New Year to you too Mark! May your cup overfloweth in 2014. I know mine is just from knowing you:-)

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