would you go the extra mile—literally?

I recently flew into the DFW airport and a close friend offered to pick me up and deliver me to my hotel. As we pulled out of the airport, she asked me to call my hotel so she could get specific directions. Although she had lived in Dallas her whole life, there was quite a bit of construction around the area and she needed to get me situated quickly and back to her meeting.

We received word from the hotel concierge on the other end of the line that we were only about five miles away. He then gave us numerous vectoring moves, repeatedly, since we couldn’t write them down. The concierge must have sensed our confusion and immediately made a radical proposal.

He told us to pull over, give him our location, and he would come to us. Oh, and he gave us his personal cell phone number just in case he couldn’t readily identify us. Now I was really confused. Did he understand that we already had a car and that if he just talked a little longer we could probably find our way?

Turns out he did understand the situation but felt it best to offer us the ultimate life raft. A city-savvy limo driver sent out into the sea of churning Dallas toll roads and tumultuous off-ramps, throwing us a literal line-of-sight buoy that we could follow and make it safely into harbor. So we pulled to the side of the toll plaza, cars spraying past us as we sat huddled in the SUV waiting for our tugboat captain to appear. And appear he did!

He was right. The hotel wasn’t far away and once we got behind him, it was really only

We made it! Thanks Roger!!

 one more exit up the highway. But rather than tell us to calm down and listen to the directions one more time, he felt it best to get in the limo, find us, and let us follow him in. Now that’s what I call going the extra mile….literally.


2 Responses to “would you go the extra mile—literally?”

  1. November 15, 2011 at 10:49 am

    I love these kinds of stories! They so make up for all the “you should be honored I’m even willing to take your money” bozo’s out there!

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