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Jesus is my GPS

I was driving to Upstate NY recently and listening to an excellent program about the importance of developing a life-long monetary strategy that keeps directing you to the end goal and rerouting you when and if needed. They referred to this as a financial GPS which would ensure you stayed true to your goals and were able to adeptly navigate the uncertainty of the market and take the best route forward.

Most would agree, other than nihilists, that life is best lived when there is a particular purpose or goal in mind driven towards by the One in charge. My father used to call this one of the three big questions in life that must be answered: what are you going to live your life for. Is it for you or is it for God? Only you can answer it and then you live and die by it.

As I was driving through the mountains, my signal would drop off, leaving me “blind”. Fortunately, I had done the old school method of printing out a hard copy of MapQuest directions just in case.

When I’m in the driver’s seat of my life, I sometimes continue on the wrong path despite knowing that with each mile it’ll be harder to turn around, and maybe even impossible! When your GPS is omniscient and omnipresent, it doesn’t need time to recalculate, even if it appears that you’re going in circles.

While I am subject to moods, setbacks, criticisms, and all the other weaknesses of the flesh, using Jesus as my GPS ensures my motives and direction stay on the best purpose for my life course. Seeing as He is the final judgment maker in the end, I also don’t have to worry about keeping score or harboring anger. He is just, I know the results will be fair.

Life is full of challenges, uncertainty and doubt. When the future is not so bright, I tend to lose my line of sight and wander off into the fog. With Jesus as your GPS, overcast skies do not hamper His reception or His ability to pinpoint your location.

You can travel off the beaten path, i.e. exerting free will, but the moment you turn your antennae back towards Him, He’s moving you towards the right path. There’s never any need to recalculate because He has been on your journey as a passenger the entire time just waiting for you to pull over at the next rest stop and ask Him to drive.

We’ve also been left with the living Word of God in the form of the Bible as our official MapQuest. When I can’t quiet my brain or emotions, I can put the physical word in my hand and read it over and over again, until I find the answer I am seeking.

As one who’s tried to be my own GPS many times, there is a much better way to make the journey available. But just like everything else, you never know until you plug in, set purposeful coordinates, and enjoy the ride!

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