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I Keep on Truckin’ Because I’m Just Passin’ Through

I recently had a conversation with a friend about a timeshare they owned in Outer Banks, NC. They said they did not get to spend as much time there as they’d like. When I asked them if they had considered moving there permanently when they retired they gave me an interesting response. The neighbors who lived there full time told them it was a whole different experience when you live someplace permanently versus just visiting. You become a part of the daily life along with all the recurring experiences and requirements. Life becomes routine and you no longer marvel at your surroundings.

I was at an event last week where Dr. Tony Evans told everyone that they had an “S” on their chest, like Superman. We weren’t from this planet and we were just passing through. I witnessed the same thing with my father when he passed away. During his last three months in hospice care, you could see how anxious he was to transfer out of his temporary living quarters and to his real home. To summarize, if you’re born twice, you’ll die once. But if you’re born once, you’ll die twice. Hence, the key to eternal life is to be born more times than you die.

For those of us who know that our time in this physical realm, this mortal coil, is just temporary, we have a real longing for our permanent home. We know that however dire our earthly circumstances, the eventual outcome is determined and we know we’ll be victorious. It’s kind of like waiting out a really bad vacation, only the results have eternal ramifications. Sure you’ll work hard to make some good come out of it, but you’re really just itching to get home!

But we have been given a task during our earthly walk and that’s to do as much with our God-given talents as possible; to accept God’s gift of love, to be filled with His spirit, and to share it with as many others as possible. And while doing all of the above may not earn us riches, fame or wealth, as far as the world is concerned, the riches we’re investing in are everlasting and most definitely not subject to fluctuations in the marketplace. And it’s this goal that allows us to marvel at every event, interaction, sorrow and joy.

So the real reason I smile so much is that I know I truly am just passing through. And I’ve only got a certain amount of seconds to give back the tremendous amount of gifts bestowed on me. And I, like everyone else on this planet, wants praise for a job well done at the end of my last earthly day. So I best keep on truckin’ because I’m just passin’ through!

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